• Rangers Fan Loses Bet, Gets Neck Beard Waxed at Crystal Nails NYC.

  • Waxing – Our mission is to offer a phenomenal wax at a reasonable price in a spotlessly clean environment  and to offer this service every time you visit us. We have full-service menus for both women and men and offer everything from Brazilian bikini wax to tummy-strip waxes to full face waxes.

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    Waxing NYC Price List


    Waxing Ladies

    Eyebrow $8
    Lip $7
    Chin $10
    Sides $10
    1/2 Leg (Upper) $25
    1/2 Leg ( Lower) $20
    Thigh $17
    Full Leg $40
    Under/arm $12
    1/2 Arm $25
    Full Arm $35
    Bikini $15
    G string $20
    Brazilian $35
    Tummy $10
    Stomach $10
    Bottom $15


















    Make sure you have at least a quarter inch of hair growth before your session — the wax needs something to hold on to. And don’t pick a day during the week before your period (studies show that’s when women are most susceptible to pain). Popping a few ibuprofen an hour before your appointment helps — or if you’re really wimpy (like us), apply a numbing cream, but only to small areas like the bikini line.

    2. Wax on, wax off
    If you have sensitive skin, make sure the aesthetician uses a wax that contains chamomile — it’s the most soothing — and applies it to small sections at a time. (If someone promises they can do a Brazilian wax in 15 minutes, you know you’re in trouble.) Once things are under way, resist the temptation to watch the action; it’s much better to breathe steadily and zone out. After each strip, the waxer should press her hand on the skin to stop the pain. If she doesn’t, ask her to, or do it yourself.

    Waxing salon NYC
    Waxing NYC
    Written by: Emily
    Date Published: 04/28/2016
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